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Some things I've made

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Navigate Melbourne's train network

  • View Metro and V/Line departures from any station in Victoria

  • See the stopping patterns for each train at a glance

  • Easily coordinate with friends getting on at different stations

Not affiliated with PTV, Metro Trains Melbourne, V/Line, or the Department of Transport and Planning. For official timetables visit

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Timetabler screenshot 1Timetabler screenshot 2
Timetabler logo

Visualise your uni timetable preferences

  • Quickly weigh up your options by dragging blocks on the timetable

  • Checks for clashes as you select different preferences

  • Supports classes where time blocks are grouped

  • Export the list of options to share with others in your class

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DanTanks (Legacy) logo

Multiplayer turn-based 2D tanks game

  • Hone your aiming skills to become the last tank standing

  • Play your friends with local multiplayer, or take on the AI

  • Try out a variety of weapons, shields, and upgrades

  • Enjoy carving up a lovely calm forest, desert, or snowy hill

Requires Java. Apologies in advance for the locked resolution and frame rate - I made this in high school :)

Download .jar

DanTanks (Legacy) screenshot 1DanTanks (Legacy) screenshot 2
Physics Animations screenshot 1Physics Animations screenshot 2
Physics Animations logo

Visual aids for VCE Physics concepts

  • A small collection of animations including motion, light, and waves

  • Toggle elements of each animation on and off, such as net force

  • Free and open source under the MIT License

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